Building the OS of Real Estate

Ender modernizes the largest asset class in the world.


Custom roles with specific user permissions are assigned to provide extra controls and security. Bank reconciliations are streamlined with suggested matching features. Ender's dynamic general ledger and auditing features empower back offices.

Task Management

A centralized dashboard shows every issue across all properties.

Keep track of everything from lease alerts to tenant issues. Intuitive visualizations and notifications ensure organization and efficiency.

Assign vendors or team members to tasks. The assignee will be notified and given relevant context.

Connect vendors and tenants with one click. Vendors and tenants coordinate appointments through Ender with managers viewing as a third party.

Categorize, approve, and pay invoices through a customizable approval process. Invoices automatically link into Ender's accounting system.

Payments and Receivables

Tenants link their bank account and pay rent through our online portal. Vendor invoices are similarly paid through Ender. Data automatically flows to Ender's accounting system.

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