Property Management Solved

Ender’s software simplifies your life.

Smart Leasing

Advertise your property, do showings, keep track of leads, collect applications, do credit and background checks, and sign a lease agreement all through our software.

Rent Collection

Tenants link their bank accounts and pay rent through our online portal. Rent payments flow from the tenant’s bank account to you.


We give you a centralized dashboard where you can see every issue across all of your properties in a single place.


Track each issue by creating a Task whenever a tenant reports a problem.

Assign vendors to take care of the Task. The Vendor will automatically be notified and given contextual information.

Connect vendors and tenants with the click of a button. Vendors and tenants coordinate timing and property access with you viewing it as a third party.

Vendors invoice directly through the software. Approve and pay invoices with a click. Invoices automatically link into Ender's accounting system.


Rent collection and maintenance invoices are automatically pulled into our accounting software, making tax preparation a breeze.

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