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Our Core Values

Autonomous Superstars

You function best without mandatory work hours or finite vacation days. You build your own schedule and figure out how to add value without constant management.

You get 3x the amount of work done than a competent person thinks is possible. Solving problems gives you energy. Trying to stop you is like spitting into the wind.

First Principles

You have a deep appreciation for people's past accomplishments, but you never accept “This is the industry standard” type arguments.

You challenge assumptions by making two-way door decisions quickly and waiting for data to make conclusions. You emphasize fresh thinking.

Open Minded

Your curiosity drives you to endlessly explore new ideas. You immerse yourself in thought experiments to reshape your perspective. You appreciate others for their differences and unique points of view.

You have strong opinions, weakly held. You change your view based upon new data.


You have that rare mix of passion and kindness. You gain energy from helping others succeed.

You care about your work and who you work with. You wake up everyday wanting to fix the world and improve people's lives.


You care about your co-workers outside the boundaries of the company. You want to work with people who care about each other as humans, not just people who are helping them achieve financial success.

At the same time, you know a company isn't a family. A company is a professional sports team where camaraderie is core, but if an individual doesn't pull their weight, they're dropped.


You're seriously competitive and love winning. You prefer winning as a team vs as an individual.

The origin of the word compete means to strive together. You compete against yourself. You're chasing your own ghost.


You jump into the deep end and learn to swim. You're relentless on your path towards success.

You fail fast to succeed as quickly as possible. It's better to be a fool than a coward.

Our Perks



Every employee has ownership in Ender.



Medical, Dental, and Vision. You're covered.

Unlimited Food

Unlimited Food

Daily lunch and unlimited snacks at the office.

Wellness Stipend

Wellness Stipend

Cover you gym membership, yoga studio, dance practice, or your favorite meditation app.

Unlimited Vacation

Unlimited Vacation

Flexible PTO for when you need to decompress.

Team Events

Team Events

Watch movies, go running, roll in a hamster ball down a hill.

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