Ender Team

Our team is comprised of founders, executives, and early employees from Addepar, Amazon, Robinhood, and VC funds. We've built massive systems that automate solutions to complex problems at scale. We're taking our talent to real estate.

Photo of Jon Lonsdale
Jon Lonsdale

Jon has been a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor for over a decade. During his time as a merchant banker, he oversaw upwards of $1 billion in transactions. As a partner at Sway Ventures and co-founder of Fideras, Jon served as an advisor to companies, management, and boards concerning market trends and financing opportunities throughout the world. Jon has also led and produced several film productions.

Photo of Jason Mirra
Jason Mirra

Jason brings an unprecedented level of technological aptitude to the property management industry. Prior to Ender, he co-founded Addepar in 2009 and Dynasty in 2016. Addepar has trillions of dollars under management and is utilized by major institutions, such as Morgan Stanley. Dynasty was acquired by Appfolio in 2018.

Photo of Randy Herzog
Randy Herzog

Randy joins Ender with more than a decade of experience at Amazon. Randy oversaw all aspects of Amazon's Customer Service's product returns and replacements business. While at Amazon, he worked in the Customer Service, Fulfillment, and Sustainability divisions learning product management, natural language processing, machine learning, financial services, and the delivery of consistent high volume manual operations. When he's not at work you can find him chasing snowstorms in his signature hot pink helmet.

Photo of Scipio

Scipio (pronounced “skip-ee-oh”) has broad authority on all matters relating to Ender, with a day-to-day focus on workplace culture. Living up to her namesake, she inspires the troops. As CBO, Scipio sits in on key meetings, promotes self care, and provides radically transparent feedback. She often speaks of the Library of Alexandria, speculating on what great pieces of literature resided there. When milestones are hit, Scipio indulges in a snack of plum slices.

Photo of Akshay Ghurye
Akshay Ghurye

Akshay has delivered customer-centric solutions that drive growth in developer experience, SaaS integrations, artificial intelligence, revenue optimization, and defect elimination. Akshay previously led teams at key parts of Amazon and Capital One. Most recently, he was a product leader at Buy with Prime, Amazon's latest moonshot initiative, where Akshay was responsible for building SaaS products to democratize how merchants offer Amazon Prime benefits on their E-commerce websites. When away from work, you might spot him playing tennis, hiking through beautiful trails, sport climbing, or cycling along scenic routes.

Photo of Aaron Webman
Aaron Webman

Aaron, in addition to practicing law and producing films, has an extensive background in marketing and sales. He has executed productions and advertisements for numerous brands and organizations such as Onehope Wine, Netflix, The Orchard, Hims, Terminal, Atomic, 8VC, and various others. Aaron leads our business development team, provides legal analysis and counsel, and works closely with our operations and engineering teams to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of service.

Photo of Brian Worthge
Brian Worthge

Since graduating from the University of Southern California in 2010, Brian has worked in sales, operations, and business development at several major tech organizations. His first foray into Silicon Valley was in 2012, when he joined Addepar. After contributing to Addepar for several years, Brian managed various elite properties in the Bay Area. As an early leader at Ender, Brian is able to draw on his varied experience in sales/marketing, operations, and property management.

Photo of Matthew Chun
Matthew Chun

Matthew joins Ender with an extensive background in user experience, design, product and marketing development, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Before joining, he founded and ran an award-winning digital agency in NYC for over a decade with clients including SONY, Estée Lauder Companies, American Express, ABC, and NBC Universal.

Photo of Jake Mirra, Ph.D.
Jake Mirra, Ph.D.

Jake fell in love with machine learning while completing his doctoral thesis on sub-Riemannian geometry (mathematics) at the University of Pittsburgh. He hosts regular AI meet-ups and is excited to bring his passion for machine learning to help push the edge of efficiency in property management.

Photo of Jared Freeze
Jared Freeze

Jared has been a frontend engineer at organizations large and small. His career spans from music and television to Yahoo! and the AdTech world. Jared returned to his hometown of Austin to join Ender. His experience across design, animation, and UX helps the team build fast and accessible applications available to every user on any device.

Photo of Anna Isabel Lopez
Anna Isabel Lopez

Immediately after graduating from St. Edward's University, Anna began working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. There she acquired skills that fostered her love for organization, recruitment, and management. These same skills help Anna serve as Ender's Office Manager.

Photo of Evan Powell
Evan Powell

While performing full time as a professional musician, Evan sparked his passion for web development building websites for his various music groups. He has since contributed his frontend expertise to a variety of organizations, including Macmillan and the Texas Department of Transportation. His skills help the Ender team deliver a clean, reliable, and intuitive user experience.

Photo of Kamran Malik
Kamran Malik

Kamran is a seasoned backend engineer who has been building highly scalable financial backend systems for 10+ years. He most recently worked for Robinhood as an early engineer and led the greenfield development of a number of critical systems spanning Account Restrictions, Margin Trading, Payments, Accounting, Settlement and Recon. He architected and led the development of the entire back office clearing system that now clears $1B daily transaction volume for 13m+ users. This is the first stock clearing system successfully built and launched from scratch in multiple decades and gives Robinhood a huge competitive advantage. He relishes finding simple elegant solutions to complex problems.

Photo of Jack Churchill
Jack Churchill

Jack joins Ender's product team after graduating from Georgetown University, where he studied Science, Technology, and International Affairs. In addition to his coursework, Jack became involved in the D.C. startup scene, founding and operating ventures that sought to provide innovative solutions to long-recognized problems. Outside of work, Jack spends his time playing guitar and exploring the great outdoors.

Photo of Aary Sheoran
Aary Sheoran

Aary has experience in machine learning and policy analysis. He has built data-based solutions for governments in West Africa and Oceania. Aary attended CMC and Claremont Graduate University. He lived in SoCal for five years before moving to Austin to join Ender. Aary is excited to bring his passion for creating positive impact into the real estate tech space. When not working, Aary is hunting for the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Texas.

Photo of Erik Morris
Erik Morris

Erik has worked in real estate, sales, and business development at Hampton River Partners, Bev, and CBRE. Erik utilizes his domain expertise to help Ender deliver value. Erik graduated USC with a BA degree in Business Administration and moved to Austin to join Ender. Growing up the youngest of seven children, Erik can acclimate to any environment.

Photo of Jessica Manner
Jessica Manner

Jessica studied Informatics and Human Centered Design and participated in UX @ UW at the University of Washington. She learned people and organizational skills as a sales associate at Nordstrom and joins Ender excited to identify and solve customer problems. Jessica quickly found a true passion for bunny care-taking.

Photo of Justin Slamka
Justin Slamka

Justin enjoys finding approachable solutions to challenging problems. He joins Ender with an expertise and passion for building effective, enjoyable user experiences. He brings a breadth of knowledge from previous consulting and development work in a range of industries including academia, aviation, e-commerce, and marketing. He enjoys exploring new parks and museums with his family.

Photo of Vadim Avnilov
Vadim Avnilov

Vadim graduated with a degree in Actuarial Science but transitioned to software engineering three years ago. He previously worked as an engineer at Goldman Sachs on their Marquee product, which provides market insights and analytical tools for institutional investors. Vadim hopes to travel the world during his lifetime. He speaks English, Russian, and Spanish.

Photo of Yuan Zhang
Yuan Zhang

Yuan is an engineer who is always curious about current technical development and challenges. Before joining Ender, he worked on the Amazon Alexa ecosystem for three years. His responsibilities include providing multiple microservices and web applications to support both internal and general end customers. Yuan came to the US in 2016 and was a veteran video game developer working in China and Taiwan with more than ten years of experience under his belt. He lives in Edmonds, Washington with his wife and dog.

Photo of Faith Roberts
Faith Roberts

Upon graduating with a degree in Business Administration at Saint Edwards University, Faith has worked in operations, sales, business development, and management. She joins Ender as our QA Analyst and brings a passion for discovering abstract solutions. When Faith is not working she enjoys car camping, the outdoors, and any water activities.

Photo of Geoffrey Hale
Geoffrey Hale

Geoff worked as an electrical engineer in aerospace defense for several years before following his passion for web software. No stranger to real estate, he worked with AppFolio to build a new web app for real estate investment fund managers and is looking forward to purchasing his own investment property near Atlanta this year. Geoff lives in Marietta, Georgia and is originally from Massachusetts and California. He enjoys writing frontend features with React and TypeScript, chess tactics, piano improvisation, and staying healthy.

Photo of Anne Gagnon
Anne Gagnon

Anne is an Austin native with experience in UX design, industrial design, and strategic product development. She received her Master of Science in Industrial Design from ArtCenter College of Design and her MBA from Claremont Graduate University. She spent several years designing eCommerce experiences for the medical device industry before joining the design team at Ender.

Photo of Luke Kiely
Luke Kiely

Luke is a multidisciplinary designer with a specialty in UI/UX design. He brings years of experience having worked within agencies designing digital experiences for high-profile clients. Luke combines user needs with product objectives to design elegant solutions to complex problems. When he's not working, you can find Luke outside with his dog Leo or taking advantage of the Live Music Capital of the World.

Photo of Fanishka Sookharee
Fanishka Sookharee

Fanishka joins Ender after completing her Master degree from Johns Hopkins University. She has experience in financial services where she worked in treasury, global markets, and wealth management. Fanishka is passionate about problem solving and international development. When not working, she spends her time keeping fit. She moved to the US from the tropical island of Mauritius and speaks French, English, and Hindi.

Photo of João Ferreira
João Ferreira

João is an experienced frontend developer. He previously worked at Foursquare. João lives to search for excellence and build reusable tools. Beyond building, he loves mentoring other professionals. João is Brazilian.

Photo of Mike Saverese
Mike Saverese

Michael has over 18 years of experience developing professionally. After graduating top of his class from FullSail University with a degree in Game Development, he started his career writing AI and Physics simulations for console video games. After 5 years in the game industry and 4 AAA game titles, he transitioned to mobile apps and web development. He has worked for various companies actively contributing to their code and helping to streamline their development practices through creating and implementing process and coding standards.

Photo of Matthew Schultz
Matthew Schultz

Matt is a University of Michigan Engineering graduate and worked as a software developer at Ford Motor Company. After almost ten years at a large company, Matt decided it was time to take his experience into the startup world, happily landing at Ender. If he's not programming he's most likely playing ice hockey.

Photo of Jessica Zimmerman
Jessica Zimmerman

Jessica graduated from the University of Virginia with a dual major in Business and Computer Science. She started her career at Slack, working as a backend engineer on the Growth, Billing, and Backend Infrastructure teams. Her passion for entrepreneurship then took her to work for an early stage startup as a Founding Engineer, where she worked as a Full-Stack engineer building a notion-esque product from the ground up. Additionally, when the pandemic hit and mortgage interest rates plummeted, she dove into real estate investing, and today owns 3 short term rentals. It was here that she found her passion for all things real estate, and ultimately made the leap to join Ender - creating the software she wanted to buy or build herself to help manage her own properties.

Photo of Kyle Falicov
Kyle Falicov

Formerly, Kyle worked as a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security. He enjoys developing websites using React and TypeScript, and his hobbies include game development and animation. He hopes to juice up the Ender product suite with some tasty special effects and clean, consistent UX.

Photo of Alessandro Maclaine
Alessandro Maclaine

Alessandro double majored in Software Engineering and Mathematics for Quantitative Economics at UC Irvine. He worked in finance in the entertainment and real estate industries before making the switch to full stack engineering. Previous to Ender, he worked on the Department of Labor's 'ECOMP Workers Compensation Management System' as a Frontend Tech Lead. Alessandro is a digital multimedia artist and enjoys combining technology and art to develop audio/visual tools.

Photo of Connor Harrington
Connor Harrington

Connor studied Data Science at UC Berkeley. He enjoys challenging himself with large scale projects requiring skills in full stack development. Outside of work, Connor spends time exploring new cuisines and figuring out how to cook them himself.

Photo of Qitao Shen
Qitao Shen

Qitao graduated from Rice University with a master's degree in computer science. He started his career at StubHub and found his passion in backend development. Qitao is excited to make his impact on the real estate world. When he's not working, he loves cooking and riding motorcycles.

Photo of Werner Badenhorst
Werner Badenhorst

Werner is a full stack Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience. He relocated from South Africa to the US to work on Facebook’s Scaled Operations team. Werner has a passion for problem solving, scuba diving, rock climbing, and gaming.

Photo of Tim Crowe
Tim Crowe

Tim has been in the software engineering space for over 10 years. His experience ranges from being a Director of Engineering at a YC proptech startup to an SDE III Engineer at Amazon. Tim has designed and lead implementation of multiple large scale distributed systems and strives to make sure systems and teams can scale in every dimension. In his personal time, Tim enjoys playing chess and trying to predict the future.

Photo of Shang-Chuan Liu
Shang-Chuan Liu

During his internship at Take-Two Interactive, Shang-Chuan discovered a passion for software development and sought to contribute to a fast-paced development team. Before obtaining his master's in Computer Science from NYU, he underwent military training in Taiwan as part of the Air Force. When Sam's not coding, he loves outdoor activities and indulging in sukiyaki.

Photo of Che-Hsien Chiu
Che-Hsien Chiu

Before getting his masters in Computer Science from NYU, Che-Hsien worked as a semiconductor process engineer at TSMC in Taiwan. During a project with the IT team, he experienced the charm of programming, which sparked his desire to transition into a software engineering career. When not coding, Che-Hsien enjoys outdoor activities and playing basketball. During his university days, he twice led the department’s basketball team to win the championship in Taiwan’s National Physics Department Basketball Tournament.

Photo of Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones

Isaiah Jones joins Ender as an Associate QA Analyst. With 5+ years in military intelligence as an Army Reservist, he excelled in critical operations. Isaiah's versatility extends to mobile service expertise at T-Mobile USA, technology sales at BestBuy, and fulfillment at Amazon. A first-generation graduate from Texas State University, he studied Business Management and minored in Military Science. Isaiah's strengths lie in critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and organization. Isaiah finds balance through weightlifting, hiking with his dog, and enjoying anime.

Photo of Xiaohan Zuo
Xiaohan Zuo

After obtaining a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, Xiaohan (pronounced 'Sh-i-ao Han') embarked on her journey with Ender as a software engineer. Her prior internship at Meta solidified her passion for software application development. Beyond coding, Xiaohan finds great joy in cooking and continuously expanding her repertoire of recipes. The realms of coding and cooking are the two areas where she effortlessly immerses herself. Sharing her culinary creations with friends is something she particularly cherishes. Moreover, as someone born in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, Xiaohan feels a special affinity for our Chief Bunny Officer.

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